s of slavery and three ruthless●ly suppressed revolutions are ●the historical penalty for the pl●easures


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rel▓axation of the high and most

of Castle Lazienki.T●here and on the broad electio●n plane the Pole Elekcji Krolow, in the southe▓rn part of th

  • high lo▓rds.Meanwhile the kingdom hastened to its ru●in;
  • for a witty, pleasure-loving cour●t and an immoral [
  • Pg 20]oligarchy toget▓her are beyond the endurance of one peo

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e town, where the schlachtzit▓z (lordling) could deposit his liberum ●veto for a couple of rubles or t▓halers, the kingdom was destroyed,● and its resurrection is a pious wish● the fulfilment of which even our● grandchildren will not live to s●ee. I have no faith in a Polish kingdom.▓There ma


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y be a Polish revolution to-morrow,● perhaps, when the Russians shall m▓eet defeat in eastern Asia, as the Russian patr●iots hope, but a Polish kingdom there will ●never be.It is quite apparent h●ow the influence of the times is changing t▓he entire social structure of the peop●le.No nation can maintain its●elf without a middle class, and Poland s▓till has no middle class.The material ●for such a class, the strong Jewish ▓population, has been so ground down that a half●-century would not be sufficient for its● restoration and the Russian régime● of to-day is disposed to anything rather t●han to the uplifting and the● education of the Polish Jewry.It▓ is stated that there are in Warsaw a q●uarter of a million Jews, a few well-to-do peopl▓e


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among them, who have hastene▓d, for the most part, to tran●sform themselves into Poles of the Mosaic fai▓th, without [Pg 21]disarming thereby the● clerical anti-Semitism of the Polish● people, and innumerable beggars o▓r half-beggars, who are desig▓nated in western Europe as sc▓hnorrer.And of these there are in ●Warsaw an unknown number.It is hard to draw ●the line between the schnorrer a▓nd the Luftmensch (a man without any cer▓tain source of income), who has not ●yet resigned himself to beggary, and yet cannot● tell in the morning whence he▓ is to draw his sustenance at noon.Thes▓e include artisans, sweat-shop workers, agents, ●and go-betweens, a city proletariat o●f the very worst kind.I have seen no▓ such shocking misery in the Jewi▓


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sh quarters on the Moldau as I● e



ncountered in the brilliant▓ capital Warsaw.The Polish Je▓w, everywhere despised and unwelcome, is the w●andering poverty-witness of Polish mismana●gement.A system that succeeds in depraving t●he sober, pious, and sexually d▓isciplined orthodox Jew to the extent observed▓ in a portion of the Jewish ▓Polish proletariat should be accorde▓d rec

ognition as the most useless system on ▓the face of the


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earth.In the last a▓nalysis it was the Polish schlachtzitz,● and the Polish clerical going h●and-in-hand with him, that co▓nstituted the prime cause of all the miseri▓es of the nineteenth century. ▓ And yet, to be just, one sho●uld compare this cheerless Polish-●Jewish proletariat with its imm●ediate environment—the Polis●h peasants

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and the common people.Here● one would still find a plus of virtues on the ●Jewish side.The

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